Domestic Water Softeners

shower headWater Softener Installed

We had a water softener installed. Straight away we noticed how different soft the water felt. In my case, the place I work uses untreated hard water, so I get reminded of the difference between the two on a daily basis.

I won’t say it changed my life, that’s to big a claim. But it is definitely a much better experience and it’s so nice to was and bathe in soft water it just feels so luxurious.

Our neighbors are impressed too. The Anderson’s, next door to us are having it fitted in the coming days. They asked for a recommendation so we pointed them to this web site whole house water softener. And I’m pretty sure the Clark’s, Bob and Betty, will convert as well. They’re talking about it.

Bath TapWarning

A word of warning that you don’t get from the sales pitches. The softening process uses salt to remove the hardness. This is just like table salt, so the water has a slight saltines to it. It’s only slightly salty but there’s definitely a hint of it. So we use a water filter jug, like Britax, just to remove these residues and that works really well.

The other thing they don’t mention is that the salt used to soften the water gets used up .Then you need to buy replacement salt, that comes in small brick size blocks. Still these aren’t so expensive and are easy enough to change. Just make sure you don’t run out.

clean bathroomThe Good News

Washing dishes is quicker and uses less detergent than it did before. There’s no marks on the saucepans either.

But where we noticed it most is when we take showers and bathes. The water really is wet and soapy water gets really soapy. Washing and rinsing with soft water does make you feel cleaner. If I compare out to our hard water days, the hard water felt rougher somehow and my skin felt drier. That doesn’t happen anymore.

I thoroughly recommend you invest in a water softener for your household, you won’t be disappointed.

Water Softeners and how they work