iPhone and Wireless Chargers

The Present

I was given an attachment for my iPhone last week. I don’t buy attachments but this was my husband’s birthday present to me. Typical man’s present but it’s the thought that counts, I suppose?

What is it? Well it clicks into the the charger socket on my iphone. A short cable has what looks like a business card attached to it. You put this card thing over the back of phone and it sticks there.

How to Get You Own Wireless Charger

iphonenewer modelYou now have a wireless charging iPhone. There’s a good site here that goes into more details wireless charger for your iphone

Now to charge the phone you just place it on a charging station which can be located anywhere. We’ve got four, two in the bedroom, one in the kitchen and one in the hall. That means we can both charge our iPhones at any time, the charging units are really quite cheap, so it makes sense.

What I really like is that when I put the phone down, I’ve gotten into the habit of putting it on one of the chargers. So when I need my phone or the phone rings, I know exactly where I put it. And when it’s on a pad it’s charging which is the big deal.

My iPhone Is Always Charged Up

iphone chargingI no longer worry when I’m in a rush and the iPhones on low charge because now it’s always topped up.

Now a word on charging pads, some are better than others. So don’t just buy because it looks nice. Make sure that the charging rate is high as that affects the charging rate.

The other thing to watch for is phone covers (protectors) these tend to reduce the wireless charge rate into your phone. Again some covers are better than others but it’s hard to find this out when your in the shop, as they tend not to give this information out. Or it just isn’t recorded by the people that make protective covers.

But hubby takes care of all those techie things and the charging results we get from our wireless chargers is very good.

What the chargers look like