My Son’s 88 key keyboard present

My Son’s Birthday

This week, I’m going to order a keyboard with 88 keys for my son’s birthday. This is the place to go if you want one too 88 key keyboard piano

boy at the pianoHe’s been learning to play the piano since he was six, in two weeks time he’ll be eleven. He’s really taken to it in the last year or so and I want to encourage the passion he has. So I think now is the right time for him to have his own instrument to practice on.

His young sister is a reluctant student, when it comes to piano lessons. But I’m hoping that having a keyboard in the house will encourage her as well.

My Piano Story

When I was younger my father taught me and my sister to play. He played a reed and pipe organ at our church. And I was fascinated how he new what just what to do and pull all those stops to change the sound. I’m still not entirely sure how he did it Reed and Pipe organs But as I became a teenage I was allowed to play some hymns with him.

My Sister’s Piano Story

My sister went on to play keyboards in a local band, she could play anything by ear. And any style of music she wanted. I used to envy that as I had to have sheet music in front of me too play it. But as with most things, she got married, children came and partying in a band was no longer viable.

The keyboard present

modern keyboardSo getting back to Josh, who’ll be eleven on the 23rd. I new I wanted as close to a piano as I could get but without taking up a huge amount of space. In this day and age, that means it has to be electronic. That deals with the size problem and also they’re a fraction of the price, which is very important to us. There’s also the running expense of keeping the piano in tune, which you don’t need with a modern electronic piano keyboard.

88 keys sweet spot

88 key keyboardThe 88 keys was a must have feature. When you have 88 keys you’ve got the full piano set. Which means you can play anything that’s written for a piano. What has impressed me most with the ones I’ve tried is how close they are to the real thing. They sound deeper somehow and the keys behave just as they would on a real piano.

There are lots of other cool features as well. You can change the sound produced so you could replicate other keyboard instruments, harpsichord, church organ and plenty of other instruments.

But the model I’ve chosen has a really neat feature. You can change the sound produced from the lower octaves to those at the higher octaves. Whereas years go you’d need to syntheses to do this now you can this on one instrument. How cool is that?